SMPS Chicago March 9, 2016 Lunch Program – Chicago Athletic Association Hotel: Marketing Foresight & Business Development Insight To Leverage An Award-Winning Project

Chicago — SMPS Chicago will be presenting a panel on the topic of marketing foresight and business development to leverage the newly renovated The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel on Mar. 9, 2016 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. at Petterinos in Chicago. Occupying what many consider one of the city’s prime locations at 12 S. […]

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Law Firm Practices: Ideas to Recover If Stumbling

by Deborah J. Hodges It’s amazing how simple, yet challenging, it is to define your business goals and to implement a plan to reach them. Jim Collins’s “How the Mighty Fall and Why Some Companies Never Give In” is a good indicator of problems that confront business executives. It also serves as a lesson to […]

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Mentoring – Enhancing Your Career (Part 1)

Mentoring – Enhancing Your Career by Deborah J. Hodges   This article is the first in the series of seven articles on the value of mentoring and its relationship to a successful career. This article introduces the current year’s goals of the National Mentoring Committee and the upcoming articles and initiatives.   In the last […]

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Mentoring Pathways- Finding Your Way in the Work World (Part 2)

By Deborah Hodges and Barry Koren, AIA, PhD This is the second article in the series of articles addressing the value of mentoring and career development. Every good mentoring program will involve listening and coaching. It will address your thoughts and feelings and help you move toward goals. This article helps you select a mentoring […]

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Mentoring Pathways—The Mentoring Relationship: You have to want it! (Part 3)

By Deborah Hodges, M.A. and Bonnie Sloan FSMPS This is the third article in the series of articles on mentoring and career development. This article describes how to establish and maintain a good mentoring relationship. The focus is on the necessary “two-way street” aspect of mentoring, the qualities and behaviors that makes a successful mentoring […]

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Touch Points—Some Tips on What They Are and How They Can Help Your Practice

As dedicated solo, small firm and general practice practitioners, you want to serve your clients and run your business with the same high level of attention. One without the other ―ineffectiveness is the potential outcome and you have no time for experiments. More brilliance can prevail here. This brings us to today’s topic, touchpoints. They […]

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Are you launching your law practice or ready to move up to the next level?

By Deborah J. Hodges There is a robust section of the ABA Solo and Small Firm Resource Center website called Practice Management that is truly a gift that keeps giving. Yes, we have come to love it and it is a “go-to toolbox” for just about everything–well almost everything. It doesn’t deliver chocolate chip cookies; […]

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Advising the Small Business, Forms and Advice for the Legal Practitioner, Second Edition

Advising the Small Business, Second Edition, by Jean L. Batman, is a guide for general practitioners, small firm attorneys, and lawyers engaged in providing legal counsel to small, privately held businesses. It provides extensive guidance on a number of issues that small businesses commonly face, as well as sample documents, checklists, and resources for obtaining […]

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Protecting Intellectual Property Forms—Advising the Small Business

Have you checked out our Small Business Library lately? The online resource has numerous forms for your quick reference and will save several hours of time. Go to Advising the Small Business Library on the GPSolo website. It is loaded with forms in 14 categories for your immediate use. Yes, that’s 14 areas that you […]

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Building Branding Success for Your Practice

Brands, branding and brand essence are considered an organization’s most valuable assets. This is as important for law practices as with any successful services or products. Brands influence clients, prospects, investors, employees and other stakeholders. We know of the highly successful brands such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and others to name a few top brand […]

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