Building your Brand and Ideal Space – Harold O’Shea Builders

Harold O’Shea Builders wanted to focus on their healthcare construction management services, one of their strong market sectors, of the family-owned construction management firm founded in 1902. Their company culture goes beyond buildings – it’s a company who values leadership and relationships – a sense of community is highly visible in the company and its people. They wanted to build more top of mind presence in the healthcare sector for their construction management expertise.

The concept “building strength from within” became a dominant theme and the “Pink Steel” campaign was launched to unite its efforts in the women’s healthcare market. The campaign was united with the timely Breast Cancer Awareness Month due to the concept. The infrastructure of the building was painted pink to further unite the overall concept. As professionals in the fullest sense, O’Shea Builders established a full multi-year marketing campaign to build this market sector- research, strategy, creative marketing assets, and a detailed business development plan to build their healthcare CM expertise in the ideal space. Golden Square worked with O’Shea Builders to develop a conceptual approach uniting its healthcare construction expertise with its clients, community and company. The branding and marketing initiatives involved many team members and collaboration with other professionals with the one central theme. It quickly became clear that they were building a stronger brand and marketing presence from the participation and feedback from the industry and it was highly recognized by the community and it leaders. See video here.

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