Touch Points—Some Tips on What They Are and How They Can Help Your Practice

As dedicated solo, small firm and general practice practitioners, you want to serve your clients and run your business with the same high level of attention. One without the other ―ineffectiveness is the potential outcome and you have no time for experiments. More brilliance can prevail here. This brings us to today’s topic, touchpoints. They are an important secret ingredient that you will want to explore more for your practice in building a brand.In branding, touch points are powerful tools to build awareness for your firm and its work. Lawyers, as most professionals, need to catch the attention of potential clients in about three seconds if it’s visual or 30 seconds for print content (or less‐highly debated topic). Touch points are an ideal way to add to your branding and marketing initiatives. What are touch points? They are powerful elements that quickly add attention and share important benefits about your services.

They are:

  • Advertising
  • Electronic banners
  • Public relations
  • Intellectual property
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Direct mail

• Conferences
• Licensing
• Product placement
• Packaging
• Online branding tools
• Standards and guidelines

These are powerful touch points when deployed in a campaign format with strategy and other marketing initiatives. Prior to using touch points, prepare as if a legal case. With an expert, conduct your marketing research, clarify your strategy and define your brand identity. Also, determine are you building a brand for you, as living identity, or for your firm? It makes a difference. Then, promote your brand with touch points. With consistent messaging and specific customized branding elements, you will have boosted your power immensely as a recognizable legal expert.

The heightened awareness of your firm is a positively a plus. Whether you are the speaker for a specially hosted meeting, or walking a conference to gather info on trends and network, be prepared with the right tools and places that you can name to others of where you can be found and briefly, state why.

Don’t forget to monitor the touch points and evaluate their effectiveness. This requires determining, in advance, how the “return on effectiveness” will be determined. Managing your branding, marketing

American Bar Association―GPSolo eReport April 2013

plans and yourself are one of the best investments you will make in your business. Touch points are one of the best places to promote your firm and its brand.


American Bar Association―GPSolo eReport April 2013

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