Protecting Intellectual Property Forms—Advising the Small Business

Have you checked out our Small Business Library lately? The online resource has numerous forms for your quick reference and will save several hours of time. Go to Advising the Small Business Library on the GPSolo website. It is loaded with forms in 14 categories for your immediate use. Yes, that’s 14 areas that you do not need start from the beginning again. These are downloadable documents in PDF and Microsoft Word format. You will feel good about all of the time saved by downloading these forms, and the forms can be revised for specific needs or preferences.
In particular, the Protecting Intellectual Property has five documents comprising 18 pages. This e-document will assist when protecting intellectual property for small business. The specific documents in included are:
  • One-Way Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
  • Trade Secrets Agreement
  • Technical Consulting Agreement
  • Trademark Assignment

This information is available in both PDF and Microsoft Word format.

American Bar Association―GPSolo eReport January 2013

At this time, there are 14 substantive areas in the Small Business Library including: Forms for Representing Small Business; Business Plan Forms; Contracts for Small Businesses; Legal Structures Small Businesses; Forms for Organizing or Cleaning Up a Corporation; Forms for Cleaning Up an LLC; Forms for Organizing or Cleaning Up a Partnership; Founders and Advisors Agreements and Forms; Raising Money Through Private Placements Forms; Seed Financing and Angel Investors Forms; Venture Capital Forms; Forms for Hiring Employees; Forms for Hiring Employees; Forms Providing Equity Incentives to Employees; and Forms for Liquidity Events. These great resources will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step because of all of the time you will save in crafting documents, not to mention a more immediate engagement with our client and staff. We are always adding more informational resources to the business forms library to keep it current. Check back for additions. Access this info now here.

American Bar Association―GPSolo eReport January 2013


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